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This company established in the year of 2001 and from then it is popularly known for the web hosting services mainly for the small scale organizations and the newly merged institutes. Initially this company was known in the name of Iniquinet and then it was renamed as A2 hosting in the year of 2003.

Coupon codes related to A2hosting

In the present day of internet and computing, many people want to build their own websites. While building websites, it requires a complete knowledge on the way of building it. The most important is to have a web hosting service which is totally independent. There are also other blog that provides a2hosting coupons. You can get it here. This requires buying web hosting service. There are different companies which provide this service, but people mainly want to have it at very cheap rates. A2hosting is one of such companies which provide at cheaper rates. Added to this, there is A2hosting promo code, which provides discounts on different packages. There are several types of web hosting plans available. Mainly there are three types, which are:

  • Shared servers,
  • Dedicated servers and
  • Virtual Private Servers.

You can find promo codes related to all of the above hosting plans. Generally VPS hosting plan is favored by most of the firms.

How to use the coupon code?

After you select the A2hosting promo code from the official site of the company then you need to follow the following steps:

  • Choose the code from the given list.
  • Then open the link of the hosting plan.
  • After step 2, go to the buying option of the plan. Fill all the details of the payment.
  • Then paste the code to the option available and then apply it. After this you will get the discount.

These are the simple steps involved in the process of applying the A2hosting promo code.